Margara joins into Torino Golf Destination

Torino Golf Destination

Piedmont increasingly projected towards international golf tourism and ready to become a reference destination for lovers of this sport worldwide.

With the inclusion of Margara in “Torino Golf Destination” alongside Royal Park, Golf Torino, and Biella, now there are four excellences that will shine in the year 2024.

This union of forces not only strengthens the reputation of each club but also transforms Piedmont into an irresistible haven for golf enthusiasts worldwide.

Here, the beauty of our fairways blends with the historical and natural heritage of the region, creating a magical atmosphere that transcends the sport. From small villages to the timeless charm of Turin, Piedmont opens up to a new and captivating dimension.

We are confident that the path of collaboration and unity undertaken is the right one to shape together the future of Italian golf.